Managing plant pests

Learn how to identify, prevent and manage common plants that can interfere with lawns, gardens or crops.

Lawn and yard weeds

Prevention is the best solution to controlling the weeds in your lawn or garden. Watch for flowering weeds along roadsides, driveways and fence lines or waste areas and make sure they are cut down before they go to seed.

If you choose to use herbicides, be sure to consider the risks and precautions involved in using chemicals.

Noxious weeds and vegetation management

Noxious weeds are non-native plants that have been introduced to B.C. without the insect predators and plant pathogens that help keep them in check. They can:

  • Reduce crop quality and yield
  • Destroy native plants and animal habitats
  • Be poisonous
  • Harbour insects and crop diseases
  • Create unsafe conditions
  • Damage landscapes

Find information on noxious weed and vegetation management designed for professionals who control pests in agriculture, forestry or land management.

Lookup data about invasive plants and find out how to report invasive species in your area.