Managing Insect Pests

Less than one percent of all insect species are pests. Insects are considered pests if they feed on, compete for food with, or transmit diseases to humans and livestock. 

Sometimes, human activities modify ecosystems which can create opportunities for insects to become pests.

  • Aphids: Use natural enemies for long-term control of these garden pests.
  • Carpenter Ants: Find out how to protect your home of or remove an infestation these pests.
  • Yellow Jackets: Learn how to keep this uninvited guest out of your home and away from picnics.

If you have a pest problem, contact a local pest management company for assistance. They can help you identify, prevent and treat pests common to your area.

Industrial Insect Control

Find information designed for professional pest control operators, farmers and agricultural land managers responsible for controlling large insect populations.