Landscape & Structural Pest Control

Landscape and structural pest control manages pests that invade homes, structures, yards and other green spaces.

Here are some documents to help interpret the legislation and regulation:

Integrated Pest Management for Landscapers

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is an environmentally-sustainable option for parks, golf courses and other urban green spaces. These programs are more effective and cost-efficient than other approaches.

Success of IPM programs depends on proper monitoring, maintenance and treatment. Effective landscape pest managers tailor an IPM program specifically for each site based on the needs and wants of clients and users. Some things to consider include the purpose of the landscape and the level of damage that can be accepted.


Besides treating pests, a well-developed IPM program emphasizes proper plant management and site design in order to prevent pest problems from occurring. This includes protecting and attracting native beneficial species like insects and birds that keep pest populations in check. 

An integrated approach means growing healthy plants by:

  • Choosing the right plant for the right site
  • Using pest-resistant plants
  • Managing soil fertility, watering and drainage

This may also mean changing human activities as well. For example, restricting the use of playing fields during cold, wet weather to protect turf from the compaction and damage that leads to broad-leaf weed invasion.