Pesticide Use for Mosquitoes

The following requirements must be adhered to when using insecticides to control mosquitoes:

  • A permit is required for aerial application of adulticides
  • Application of adulticides from the ground (fogging) can only be done with confirmation of a pest management plan (PMP) that includes public consultation
  • Registered beekeepers must be notified when adulticiding to prevent bees being exposed to pesticides
  • A permit is required for applying larvicides to fish-bearing waters
  • Application of bacterial pesticide to water bodies that are one hectare or larger can only be done with confirmation Pesticide Use Notice (PUN) that includes public consultation (excludes storm drains)
  • Treatment of storm drains with methoprene (growth regulator) and bacterial pesticides requires a service licence (not a permit) and contact with Drinking Water Officers (to determine water intake locations)
  • Include Bacillus sphaericus in Schedule 4 of the Integrated Pest Management Regulation (does not require permit for aerial application)
  • Mosquito Management Sector Review Paper (PDF)