Pesticide study materials and training

Last updated on September 26, 2022

All certificates (or records of completion for assistant applicators) are first issued by passing an exam.

Study materials and training courses are available to help you prepare.

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Pesticide applicator and dispenser certificates

You may prepare for the exam through self-study or by taking a course through an independent trainer. 

Study materials (self study)

Each pesticide applicator and dispenser certificate category has specific study materials containing:

  • Pest management information
  • A study guide
  • A practice exam

These study materials are essential to prepare for and write the open-book exam.

Most certification categories include a core manual as well as category-specific booklets.

The core manual is the same for the following pesticide applicator certificate categories:

Paper copies of the study materials can be ordered online from Crown Publications.

Costs vary for the study materials and can be paid online by credit card. If you need to be certified in more than one category and they have some of the same study materials, only order one copy of those items.

The core manual can also be ordered in a digital format, but you'll need to print a copy if you wish to refer to it during the open-book exam.

Study materials are periodically updated. If your study materials were not purchased within 3 months of when you plan to write the exam, check your certificate category page to make sure you have the most recent version.

Online training

The Canadian Pesticide Applicators' Core Training is an online course that covers content within the core manual. It's designed to help individuals prepare for B.C. pesticide applicator exams where this core manual is part of the required study materials.

However, completion of this course does not certify pesticide applicators or dispensers in B.C.

Courses taught by independent trainers

Private trainers and some post-secondary institutions teach pesticide applicator courses to help you prepare for an exam. These courses are optional and may include the exam to get your certificate.

Use the contacts in the document below to find out about course offerings. The list can be sorted by certificate category and region and has tabs for private trainers and post-secondary institutions.

To apply to get your name on the training and invigilation list, visit the approved invigilator's page.

Ongoing education

The ministry encourages people with pesticide applicator and dispenser certificates to join the industry association for the type of work they'll be doing. The association will provide important networking and training opportunities.

In addition, some industry associations are approved continuing education coordinators and can help you recertify in 5 years without writing another exam.

Even if you do not join an industry association, the ministry encourages you to stay up-to-date with the integrated pest management methods for the type of work you do so that you're using pesticides in a safe and effective manner.


Assistant applicators

Assistant applicators do not require certification, but are required to undertake annual training and pass an exam.

The course and exam are available online and are free of charge. You can review the course online or you can download the materials and review the modules without internet access. You'll need internet access to write the final exam.

The course and exam should take approximately four hours to complete.


Residential applicator certificate

You need to get a residential applicator certificate to apply most domestic class pesticides for landscaping purposes on your private residential property.

To get a residential applicator certificate, you must complete the online course and pass an exam.

The course and exam are free of charge and take approximately 2 hours to complete.

The course and exam can be accessed on your computer and on mobile devices.