Landscape Pesticide Applicator Certificate

Get certified to apply pesticides to manage insects, diseases and weeds in landscaped areas including gardens, ornamental plantings, lawns and turf.

Landscapers who grow their own ornamentals only need to be certified in the Landscape category.

The study materials for the landscape pesticide applicator certificate are:

  • Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator Core Manual British Columbia Edition (2011)
  • Landscape Applicator Certification Manual (2017)

Older editions of the study materials are not recommended.

Required reading for reciprocity exams (for out of province certificate holders wishing to work in B.C.):

Additional Resources

The Home & Garden Pest Management Guide for British Columbia is a useful resource but is not part of the study materials required to write the landscape pesticide applicator certificate exam.

Option 1) Write the Landscape exam

  • Get the study materials listed above
  • Arrange to write the three-hour Landscape exam by contacting Service BC
  • The cost to write the exam is $90
  • Your exam mark will determine the term of your certificate:
  • 5 year (75% and above)
  • 1 year (60% - 74%)

Option 2) Reciprocity for out-of-province certificates

  • You have a valid five-year pesticide applicator certificate in a similar category from another Canadian province
  • Read the required reading for reciprocity exams listed above
  • Arrange to write the one-hour IPM Act and Regulation – Landscape/Structural exam by contacting Service BC
  • The cost to write the exam is $90
  • You must receive at least 75% on the IPM Act and Regulation exam to be issued a B.C. landscape pesticide applicator certificate. Your B.C. certificate will be valid for five years from the date the out-of-province pesticide applicator certificate was issued

Option 1) Recertify by exam

  • Landscape pesticide applicator certificates can recertify by writing the Landscape exam
  • The cost to write the exam is $90

Option 2) Recertify by CECs

  • If you held a five-year certificate, you have the option of recertifying by collecting continuing education credits (CECs)
  • To be recertified using this process, you must get 20 CECs over five years
  • The cost to recertify by CECs is $25
  • Recertification credits for Landscape pesticide applicator certificates are managed by the following private industry associations:

Integrated and Environmental Plant Management Association of Western Canada

Western Canada Turfgrass Association

  • Jerry Rousseau
  • Email:
  • This association also collects CECs on behalf of the BC Landscape and Nursery Association

BC Golf Superintendents Association