Pesticide recertification

Once your certificate or record of completion has expired, you must recertify to continue using or selling pesticides in B.C.

A pesticide applicator or dispenser certificate is valid for one or five years, after which the certificate holder must recertify if they wish to continue using or selling pesticides.

There are two ways to recertify:

  1. By writing an exam
  2. By collecting continuing education credits (CECs)

Recertification by exam

All certificate holders can recertify by writing an exam. Make sure that you have the most current study materials for your certificate category before writing the exam. Contact Service BC to arrange to write the exam. The cost to write the exam is $90.

You may wish to take a refresher course with an independent trainer to help you prepare for the exam. If you choose to take a refresher course, check with the trainer to see if the course will include the exam or if you will need to arrange to write the exam on your own.

Recertification by CECs

Some certificate holders can recertify by collecting continuing education credits (CECs). Continuing education credits are collected by attending ministry-approved training. One CEC is equal to one hour of training. You must have a five-year certificate to qualify to recertify by CECs.

CECs may be earned in the following 10 Certificate Exam Matters:

  1. General pesticide characteristics
  2. Act and Regulations
  3. Labelling
  4. Human Health
  5. Pesticide Safety
  6. Environment
  7. Pest Management
  8. Application Technology
  9. Emergency Response
  10. Professionalism

To be recertified by CECs, you must collect 20 CECs over your five-year certificate. Of the 20 CECs, you will need to have collected at least three CECs in each of the following certificate exam matters:

  • Pest Management
  • Application Technology
  • Human Health and/or Pesticide Safety

Continuing education credits are managed by ministry-approved private industry associations. They are responsible for providing training opportunities where certificate holders can collect CECs. They also are responsible for tracking CECs earned by certificate holders. Contact the private industry association listed below that covers your certificate category to sign up for their CEC program.

Industry associations that manage CECs
Industry Association


Certificate Categories Covered*
BC Fruit Growers Association Brenda Jorde
250-762-5226, ext. 21
  • Agriculture
BC Golf Superintendents Association Ginny Tromp
  • Landscape
  • Dispenser
BC Structural Pest Management Association Melanie Johnston
  • Structural
BC Wine Grape Council Louise Corbeil
  • Agriculture
Integrated and Environmental Plant Management Association of Western Canada Paul Visentin
  • Industrial Vegetation & Noxious Weed
  • Landscape
Integrated Vegetation Management Association of British Columbia Gwen Shrimpton
  • Aerial
  • Forestry
  • Industrial Vegetation & Noxious Weed 
Lower Mainland Horticultural Improvement Association Sandy Gordon
  • Agriculture
Western Canada Turfgrass Association (also collects on behalf of the BC Landscape and Nursery Association)  Jerry Rousseau
  • Landscape
  • Dispenser

*If your certificate category is not listed here, recertification by CECs is not available for your category and you must write the exam to recertify.

The cost to recertify by CECs is $25. When you are ready to recertify, contact the private industry association you have signed up with to arrange your application and payment.


Assistant applicators do not require certification, but as of July 1, 2016, they must complete annual training and pass an exam provided by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy to be able to apply pesticides under the supervision of a certified applicator. Upon passing the exam assistant applicators receive a record of completion which is valid for one year.

After your record of completion expires, you will need to take the course and pass the exam again to receive a new record of completion. The course and exam are available for free online and should take approximately four hours to complete.

As of July 1, 2016, you need to get a residential applicator certificate to apply most domestic class pesticides for landscaping purposes on your private residential property. Residential applicator certificates are valid for 10 years.

To recertify you must complete the free online course and pass the exam provided by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. The course and exam take approximately two hours to complete.