Approved invigilators for pesticide certification exams

Pesticide applicator and dispenser certificate exams must be invigilated (supervised) by a ministry-approved person.

Applying to become an approved invigilator

Independent trainers wanting to include the pesticide exam as part of their course can apply to the ministry to become an approved invigilator (exam supervisor). Approved invigilators may also supervise exams without teaching a course.

To apply to become an approved invigilator, you should:

  • Work for a recognized post-secondary institute or government agency
  • Be a registered professional in good standing with a professional association or regulatory body

The ministry may consider exceptions for applicants with significant, relevant experience in the appropriate field and two professional reference letters.

Contact for an application to become an approved invigilator.

Arranging exams

Approved invigilators are responsible for arranging exams for their clients.

To arrange the exams, contact Service BC

  • Provide your contact information, the maximum number of exam candidates and the date, location and certificate category exam for each candidate
  • Indicate the method of payment for exams

A few days before your scheduled exam date, Service BC will provide a link to print the exam packages for your clients. Only print the exam packages when you are sure of the number of candidates and categories needed.

Invigilating exams

Your role as an invigilator during an exam session is to maintain proper conduct and prevent cheating, and not to give any assistance with questions.

Each time you invigilate an exam, you will receive detailed instructions for how to invigilate the exam and a declaration form that you must sign and submit.

Each candidate is assigned a unique 6-digit exam ID. You must make sure the 6-digit exam ID is the same on all documents in each exam package. Your clients will not get their correct score unless they match.

Submitting completed exams

Once your clients have completed their exams, scan the following documents:

  • Student declaration form
  • Examination response sheet
  • Your signed invigilator declaration form

Name the files appropriately and send them to Service BC using the link provided in the email for downloading the exam packages.

You must keep the originally completed response sheets and student declaration forms for 90 days in a secure location.  After the 90 days, you can destroy them (for example, shred). You must also destroy the exam booklets after the candidates have finished writing.

Please see the invigilator guidelines for more information.