Inventory Standards

Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC)

The Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC) is responsible for establishing standards for natural and cultural resources inventories, including collection, storage, analysis, interpretation and reporting of inventory data. A number of government initiatives, such as the Land Based Investment Strategy, require participants to follow RISC standards. 

RISC was established in 1991 as the Resources Inventory Committee (RIC),  initiated in response to the Forest Resources Commission recommendation that the province undertake a commitment to complete inventories for all renewable forest resource values using standardized compatible systems.

The Resources Information Standards Committee currently manages the development of new RISC standards  as well as the updates of existing standards through a change management process. The change management window for most standards is October to February of each year in preparation for the field season.

RISC Standards & Background Documents

Below are the current RISC standards and background documents organized by category: