Other Standards

Data Custodians:

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Manual Title Date Publications
Order #
British Columbia Standards, Specifications and Guidelines for Resource Surveys Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology, Release 4.0 (PDF, 2.0 MB) Apr ’08 Internet only
Policies and Specifications for TRIM (1:20,000) Revision Data Capture Version 2.0 May ’97 Internet only
Raster Standard: Common Raster Cell Origin, Shape and Sizes Standard for Government of British Columbia (PDF) Apr ’08 Internet only
Standard for the Use of Map Projections in British Columbia for Resource, Cultural and Heritage Inventories (PDF) Sep ’96 7680000608
Standard for Developing Digital Data Specification Standards Documents, Version 1.0 – (PDF); (ZIP) Feb ’98 7680000610
Corporate Data Model Framework Version 1.0 (PDF) N/A 7680000774
Corporate Data Modelling Standards and Guidelines Interim (1996/1997) (PDF) N/A 7680000656