RISC Training

Information for Trainers

RISC training may be available through external to government trainers. Contact the Data Custodian listed for each Standards Category for information regarding which external organizations may be providing training. 

Qualified trainers may provide RISC approved training upon approval of the RISC Data Custodian responsible for a particular standard. These opportunities are available only at the discretion of the data custodian, and may not be available for all standards.

RISC will not pay for the training courses, but the trainer is permitted to recoup the costs of training through fees charged for the training course.

Trainers will need to secure access to RISC training materials, where they exist,  from the appropriate data custodians. Trainers must demonstrate to the data custodian that they are qualified to train individuals.

To ensure that the rights and interests of the government are protected, including copyright over the materials, a template agreement has been developed Training Materials Agreement (PDF).