Transfer of Authority for Natural Resource Management

Ministries within the B.C. Government’s natural resource sector are responsible for administering legislation related to the management of provincial Crown land and its cultural and natural resources. In order to carry out this responsibility, authority for decisions, duties and responsibilities required in legislation has been transferred to public officials.

Legislation allows for the transfer of authority in the form of delegations, designations, appointments or deputizations. The documents below provide details on such transfers of authority. These documents are for information purposes only and may be updated at any time, without notice.


Delegation is the assignment of ministerial authority and responsibility to another official to carry out specific activities.

The following matrices identify ministerial authority that has been delegated to officials under the:

The following memo delegates the ministerial powers and duties, as authorized by the Land Title & Survey Authority Act and the Operating Agreement of the Land Title & Survey Authority of British Columbia, to the Surveyor General and Deputy Surveyor General and is not subject to revisions of the matrices:

Delegation of a ministerial authority does not necessarily preclude the responsible minister from exercising that authority.


Designation is the classification of an official as a decision-maker identified in legislation. In some cases, the legislation may provide for an official to be designated as a statutory decision-maker; in other cases, an official may be designated to carry out powers and duties under a specific provision.

The following documents identify those officials who have been designated under the:


An appointment is the assignment of an official as a statutory decision-maker.

The following documents identify those persons appointed as:


Deputization is the appointment of an official as the deputy of another official.

The following documents identify those officials appointed as deputy regional executive directors and deputy district managers:


An authorization allows an official to exercise and perform the Minister's powers and duties under specified legislation.

The following documents identify those officials who have been authorized under the Tla'amin Final Agreement, Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement, and Maa-nulth First Nations Final Agreement regarding: