Earth Sciences

Data Custodian for terrain: David Tesch

Use the publication number listed below to order hardcopy manuals from Crown Publications.

Manual Title Date Publications
Order #
Groundwater Mapping & Assessment in BC (Vol. I Review and Recommendations) (PDF) Oct ’93 7680000651
Groundwater Mapping & Assessment in BC (Vol. II Criteria and Guidelines) (PDF) Oct ’93 7680000650
Guidelines and Standards to Terrain Mapping in British Columbia (PDF) Jan ’96 7680000617
Karst Inventory Standards and Vulnerability Assessment Procedures for British Columbia Version 2.0 (PDF), See also: Karst Working Paper Jan ’03 7680001863
Preliminary Seismic Microzonation Assessment for BC (PDF) Feb ’94 7680000629
Quality Assurance Guidelines for Terrain Stability Mapping – Draft;  version 1 (PDF) Mar 2010 Internet only
Specifications and Guidelines for Bedrock Mapping in BC (PDF) Oct ’96 7680000611
Standard for Digital Terrain Data Capture in British Columbia Version 1 (PDF) Jun ’98 7680000755
Forms (ZIP)
Standard for Digital Terrain Data Capture in British Columbia Version 1: ERRATA 1.1 (PDF) Apr ’07 Internet only
Terrain Stability Mapping in BC: A Review and Suggested Methods for Landslide Hazard and Risk Mapping – Final Draft (PDF) Aug ’96 7680000597
Terrain Classification System For British Columbia (MOE Manual 10 Version 2) (PDF) Jun ’97 7680000600
Terrestrial Ecosystem Information Digital Data Submission Standard – Draft for Field Testing;  version 1 (PDF)
(This standard applies to Terrain, Terrain Stability Mapping, Soils, Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping, Predictive Ecosystem Mapping, Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory and related projects.)
Mar 2010 Internet only