Land Based Investment

Land based investment supports and guides the investments in activities that manage, conserve, or protect British Columbia's natural resources.

Land Based Investment Strategy (LBIS) Overview

LBIS provides strategic guidance for land-based investments and aligns the targets and outputs for eligible activities with government’s goals and objectives. Investments in forest economies and environmental stewardship activities are essential to the FLNRORD mandate and support the sustainable management of key environmental values. LBIS investment in a broad range of on-the-ground activities helps strengthen rural communities and protect that value of current and future natural resources.

The purpose of LBIS is to guide ongoing resource investments and short-term targeted investments in British Columbia’s natural resources to realize environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. Effective and efficient delivery of this investment strategy will provide economic and social benefits to British Columbians through the realization of increased timber supplies, increased forest and range values, wildlife biodiversity, and recreational opportunities. In addition, investment may increase carbon sequestration, mitigate climate change impacts on our forests, water, and wildlife.