Land Based Investment

Land based investment supports and guides the investments in activities that manage, conserve, or protect British Columbia's natural resources.

Land Based Investment Strategy (LBIS) Overview

By 2010/11, most of the funding opportunities for stewardship (through various programs and allocations of the Land Base Investment Program) were consolidated into a single program: the Land Based Investment Strategy (LBIS). Initial allocations were directed towards twelve investment categories, with timber supply and forest health as the primary focus. To address emerging priorities on the land base, additional investment categories were integrated over subsequent years. 

Administration of LBIS

Administration of the LBIS program is directed through the Resource Planning and Assessment Branch within the Resource Stewardship Division. The program is managed collaboratively by the Office of the Chief Forester, Regional Operations and the Resource Stewardship Division; with support from the Corporate Services for the Natural Resource Sector, serving the North, South and Coastal areas.

Program delivery also involves the Environmental Sustainability and Strategic Policy Division (in the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy); Recreation, Sites and Trails Branch; Species at Risk Recovery Branch; Fish and Aquatic Habitat Branch; Wildlife and Habitat Branch; Resource Practices Branch; and the Range Branch.