Over Storey Removal for Innovative Timber Sale License (ITSL)

This activity requires that a mapping standard and an activity-specific memorandum of understanding be followed.

In order to utilize low quality stands for development and auction, BC Timber Sales (BCTS) has created the Innovative Timber Sale Licence (ITSL) Initiative.  However, when rehabilitation costs are included, some opportunities under this program will be uneconomical.  In order to utilize these otherwise uneconomical stands, BCTS has partnered with the Forests for Tomorrow (FFT) program to collaborate in the use of ITSLs in conjunction with FFT forest rehabilitation activities.

For Forestry License to Cut (FLTC) Projects see the Standards for FLTC Overstorey Removal.

Activity Standards

Advertising Protocol for FFT Harvest Opportunities

In order to ensure that FFT harvest opportunities are advertised to attract as many qualified harvesting contractors as possible, the procedures in the document below must be followed.

Other Related Information

If this activity occurs in a declared and known area that impacts a species or ecosystem at risk, an identified wildlife species, or a regionally important species, the applicant must indicate in their PINES submission the specific species/ecosystem and have available, on request, the location of recovery plans and/or other documents that detail the protective measures to be taken.

Useful Forms and Templates

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Innovative Timber Sale License – Reforestation Obligation Agreement

Provincial Version

Recipient Version