Environmental assessment

Publication Date: May 23, 2018

EAO logoWhen a major project is proposed in British Columbia, it must undergo an environmental assessment. In B.C. environmental assessments are managed by the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), a neutral regulatory agency within the provincial government.


Environmental Assessments in British Columbia


The environmental assessment process ensures that any potential environmental, economic, social, cultural and health effects that may occur during the lifetime of a major project are thoroughly assessed. Environmental assessments are managed by the EAO, a neutral regulatory agency within the provincial government that works with and seeks input from scientific professionals, Indigenous groups, proponents, the public, local governments, and federal and provincial agencies to ensure that no adverse effects are missed.

The EAO follows a clearly defined process in the Environmental Assessment Act to conduct the assessment of a major project and produce a detailed Assessment Report. That report is then given to provincial Ministers to make a decision on if the project should proceed.

You can learn more about the environmental assessment process, here.


Project information
Sample screenshot of the EAO's Project Information Centre

Looking for information on a project undergoing an environmental assessment? You'll find it on the EAO's Project Information Centre (EPIC).

Commenting on projects

Public participation in the environmental assessment process helps ensure that community values and public goals are considered in project planning and decision-making. Public comments also help ensure that all potential effects of a project are captured and appropriately assessed. Read More

What is the EAO?

Learn more about the Environmental Assessment Office and how environmental assessments protect First Nations and Indigenous rights and environmental, economic, social, cultural and health effects from major projects.