Resource Stewardship Tools

Tools and resources to help set objectives and management recommendations for priority natural resource values.

Significant technology advancements in creating visualization tools and interactive mapping applications in recent years has allowed us to share and communicate objectives and management recommendations for priority natural resource values in a more efficient way.

With the B.C. Government’s commitment to collaborate with Indigenous governments, communities, and stakeholders in the management of natural resources through modernized land use planning and other initiatives, the need for advanced visualization and interactive mapping tools to communicate resource objectives and management recommendations becomes ever more important.

Stewardship Baseline Objectives Tool

The Stewardship Baseline Objectives Tool (SBOT) is a visualization and assessment tool to clarify and communicate baseline information and stewardship objectives for priority resource values. Currently, the tool is developed for the South Coast Region. The intent of the tool is to assess the current, past and future state of stewardship objectives to support operational, tactical and strategic management decisions for these priority resource values. 

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