Compliance Framework for Industrial GHG Emissions

B.C.’s industries are using innovative technologies to reduce their carbon footprint as we move toward a cleaner economy.

Ensuring compliance with regulations that support emission reductions and innovation is important in meeting our emission and sustainability goals. The Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act (GGIRCA) Compliance Framework lays out a set of transparent rules for regulators and industry.

The framework provides direction to staff in conducting compliance and enforcement activities under GGIRCA. At the same time, a transparent framework assists industrial operations, offset project proponents, and validation and verification bodies in meeting its requirements under the Act while guiding administrative fairness, an appropriate level of response proportionate to the risk of non-compliance, and transparent and accountable decisions.

Ministry Compliance and Enforcement Framework

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy Compliance Management Framework and the Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedure apply to all incidents of non-compliance with ministry statutes and regulations.

GGIRCA Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedure

The GGIRCA Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedure supports the Ministry in implementing the GGIRCA and its three regulations: