About the CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program

CIIP overview 

The CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program (CIIP) supports emissions reductions and industrial competitiveness by directing a portion of B.C.’s carbon tax paid by industry into incentives for cleaner industrial operations. Incentive payments are based on the performance of each industrial operation in relation to world-leading low-carbon emissions benchmarks.

The Province collaborated with industry, stakeholders, and third-party experts to develop world-leading emissions intensity benchmarks for the majority of B.C.’s industrial sectors. The benchmarks will be reviewed regularly and are expected to increase in stringency as global industry moves to cleaner operations.

In the first three years of operation, the program returned over $180 million CAD to low-carbon industry as incentive payments to encourage cleaner operations and support competitiveness.

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How the program works

By reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, industrial operations can benefit in two ways – by reducing their carbon tax costs and increasing the portion of the carbon tax returned to them through CIIP.

To participate in the program, eligible industrial operations submit an application reporting the GHG emissions intensity of their production. 

If an industrial facility has an emissions intensity that is below the emissions benchmark for its sector, it will be eligible to receive a payment equal to the full amount of carbon tax above $30/tCO2e paid in the previous year. Operations that have low emissions but do not fully meet the low-carbon benchmark for their sector may still be eligible for a partial incentive on a sliding scale, if they meet the eligibility threshold.

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Program history

CIIP issued the first call for applications in April 2019 and has completed three years of operation. The first year of operations was a transition year with a flat incentive rate. In 2020, world-leading emissions performance benchmarks were implemented across sectors. 

In 2019, 342 industrial facilities representing 63 companies across the province received $33.4 million in grants. In 2020, 515 industrial facilities representing 83 companies received $81.7 million in grants. And in 2021, 459 industrial facilities representing 76 companies received $65.5 million in grants.

A wide range of sectors have participated in the program spanning B.C.’s industrial activity, including mining, metals, oil and gas, cement, chemicals, wood products, pulp and paper and others. In 2020, program participants represented 88% of B.C.’s GHG emissions from large industry.

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