How to apply for CIIP

To participate in the program, industrial operators that report under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act (GGIRCA) and meet the eligibility requirements can submit an application during the annual application window. 

To apply, an eligible industrial operator must:

To streamline the CIIP application process, a custom, open-source business intelligence software was developed through user research and partnering with industry. All applicable information reported through the Single Window Reporting System is automatically pre-filled in the CIIP Web Application

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Key dates

May 10, 2022: CIIP Workshop

May 24, 2022: CIIP Web Application system opens

May 31, 2022: Deadline for industrial GHG reporting via SWRS 

June 30, 2022: Last day to submit CIIP applications

Eligibility for CIIP

The CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program is open to all industrial operations that:

  • Are required to report under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act (GGIRCA). This generally applies to industrial operations that emit more than 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year
  • Have taken all reasonable measures to comply with the requirements under GGIRCA
  • Do not operate in an ineligible sector as listed below

For further details on the eligibility requirements see the General Application Guidance. Businesses outside of these requirements are currently not eligible for CIIP.

Industrial operations in sectors not eligible for CIIP may still be eligible to apply for project funding under the CleanBC Industry Fund.

Sector Facility Type NAICS* Code
Natural Gas Distribution Natural Gas Distribution 221210
Waste Treatment Sewage Treatment Facilities 221320
Waste Treatment Waste Treatment and Disposal 562210
Electricity Fossil fuel electric power generation 221112
Electricity Electric bulk power transmission and control 221121
Electricity Electricity import operations  
Electricity Hydro electric power generation facilities 221111
Electricity Other Electric power generation facilities 2211119

*North American Industry Classification System


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