Approved Water Quality Guidelines

Approved water quality guidelines are policy statements and applied generically province wide, providing the basis for water quality assessments and to inform resource management decisions.

Water quality guidelines are used to:

  • protect aquatic life, wildlife and their habitats;
  • protect water values, including: drinking water, public supply, and food processing; agriculture (livestock watering and irrigation); and recreation;
  • provide the basis for the evaluation of ambient water quality and environmental impact assessments to inform resource management decisions (e.g., wastewater discharge limits);
  • provide the basis for water quality objectives; and
  • report to the public on the state of water quality and promote water stewardship.

View the water quality guidelines fact sheet for more information.

Guideline Summaries

Note: The guidelines provided in the source drinking water quality guideline (SDWQGs) document are the most up to date SDWQGs and replace the SDWQGs within the overview and technical documents listed under "Guidelines" below.