Water Rights Databases

The province maintains several databases of publicly available information about water rights in B.C. Use these tools to search for information related to water licences, water users' communities, and permits over Crown land.

*New         Water Licence Search Tool

The water licence search tool allows to you search surface water and groundwater licence documents by client name, source, licence number and other licence criteria. The ‘save as excel’ option will provide all surface water and/or groundwater licence data that fit within your search criteria.

The Scanned Water Licence Directory contains both active and inactive water licences. To find a water licence in the directory, you need the water licence number. If you don't know the water licence number, find it using the Water Licence Query.

Download instructions for using the directory (PDF)

You can use the maps on the BC Water Resources Atlas to search water rights by geographic region, as well other information related to water. The BC Water Resources Atlas is an iMapBC application with enhanced query functionality to enable the display of detailed water related data, including water rights, aquifers, water wells, watersheds, and water quantity and quality monitoring sites. This tool is designed for use with Internet Explorer and may not work as well in other web browsers.

Discover how much surface water is authorized for use annually in B.C., and see how that water is used in various industries.