Suspension & Cancellation of Rights

Authorizations may be suspended or cancelled for failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the authorization, or for failure to comply with the regulations. Authorizations may be cancelled in whole or in part.

Other reasons for cancellation include:

  • Failure to construct works within the required time period
  • Cancellation of a permit to occupy Crown land to which an authorization is appurtenant
  • Failure to make beneficial use of water
  • Making a material misstatement or misrepresentation when providing information about the application or authorization
  • Failure to pay fees or rentals for two years


Water users are given written notice three days before the authorization is cancelled or suspended. Anyone who has expressed interest in the authorization or in the land, when applicable, is notified either in person or through public notice. Within 30 days the comptroller will decide whether any objections will be heard, either through private or public inquiry.


If only some of the rights are cancelled, a new authorization may be issued for the remaining rights. The reissued authorization has the same priority date as the original. None of the cancelled rights may be reinstated.

Failure to pay

The decision to cancel rights because of non-payment of fees or rentals is final and cannot be appealed.