Dam safety technical resources

These documents, templates and links provide helpful information and guidance for dam owners and operators and their consultants when designing new dams, undertaking inspections, maintenance and surveillance, or assessing deficiencies at an existing dam.


Below are categorized guidelines, documentation, templates, and various resources. These documents should be reviewed and used by dam owners, operators, managers, and related stakeholders such as consultants and dam engineers.

The Dam Safety Section has initiated and managed a B.C. Extreme Flood Project to supplement available hydrology and hydrometeorological information. The goal was to improve the quality, confidence and accessibility of baseline data pertaining to the magnitude and uncertainty of extreme flood events in B.C. The information will be useful for design of dams, spillways, and dikes as well as linear infrastructure stream crossings.

The B.C. Extreme Flood Project was completed in collaboration between the Dam Safety Section, technical advisors, and consultants between 2018 and 2021. The B.C. Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Portal shows locations of hydrometric stations and corresponding drainage areas which were analyzed to estimate the magnitude of peak flow events.