Dam Safety Compliance & Enforcement

Dam owners must be certain that their dams meet current engineering standards. Dam owners are required to:

  • Annually redetermine the dam failure consequence classification
  • Perform regular inspections and maintenance
  • Report any incidents
  • Take immediate action to resolve outstanding issues
  • Review the regulation

Annual Dam Status Report

There are annual reporting requirements for dams with a High, Very High or Extreme Failure Consequence Classification to ensure compliance with the Dam Safety Regulation. This reporting requirement is an important component of the dam safety audit process undertaken by provincial Dam Safety Officers.

The Annual Dam Status Report must be completed for owners who:

  • Have a dam that is classified with the provincial government with a High, Very High or Extreme Consequence rating. In early December of each year, owners in this category usually receive a letter from the B.C. Dam Safety Program with instructions to complete the Annual Dam Status Report Form and return it by email, fax or the enclosed pre-paid envelope. If the letter is not received, dam owners can download the form below, then complete and submit by email.
  • Know their dam needs to be reclassified with a High, Very High or Extreme Consequence rating.

The 2017 dam status reporting by dam owners is officially open as of November 30, 2017 and the deadline for completed report submission to the Dam Safety Program is
February 1, 2018.
  If you have NOT received the letter and form by mail by mid-December, or you believe that your dam has been reclassified to a High, Very High, or Extreme consequence rating and therefore need to submit a form, please complete and submit the following 2017 Annual Dam Status Report form using the directions provided within:

If you are the owner of more than one dam classified high and above, you must complete and submit a separate form for each dam.


  1. Users of Adobe Acrobat Reader may be able to submit the PDF form directly using their email/internet server.  Open the above PDF form with Adobe Acrobat Reader, complete all of the gray cells (except for those in office use only) and boxes in the form, then click “Submit Form” in the upper right corner of the purple ribbon.  The form may also be saved and printed.

More information about dam status reporting is available in the Annual Dam Status Report – Information Sheet (PDF).

Dam Safety Compliance and Enforcement Policy, Strategy and Procedures

The Dam Safety Compliance and Enforcement Policy supports implementation of the program's Compliance and Enforcement Strategy and Procedures. The Strategy and Procedures provide a framework and decision-support tools for Dam Safety Officers and Natural Resource Officers in the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The tools complement existing practices and clarify when a dam safety compliance process becomes an enforcement process. These and other Water Sustainability Act related policies are also available here: