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General information

  • Site remediation website
  • Site remediation news
  • Other general enquiries

General site information

  • Site Information Requests (SIR)
  • Notifications
    • Independent remediation
    • Offsite migration
  • Site registry
  • Site-specific enquiries

Site identification

  • Site disclosure statements/forms
  • Release notice requests
  • Submissions related to site identification, for example:
    • AP statements
    • PSIs/DSIs
    • Decommissioning reports

Site risk classification

  • Protocol 12
  • Site Risk Classification Report (SRCR)
  • Exposure Pathway Questionnaire (EPQ)
  • Reclassification, reporting

Contaminated sites services applications

  • Applying for services
  • Forms and related supporting information requesting a service
  • Technical addendums or additional reports prepared to support an application
  • Fees, invoices

Regulatory and technical questions on site investigation and remediation

  • Legislation, regulations
  • Protocols (except Protocol 12)
  • Preapprovals (Protocol 6)
  • Policy
  • Guidance and resources
  • Authorizations (permits, approvals) for site remediation


Land Remediation Section
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Land Remediation Section
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