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Before you start

Each licence change has either a manual or online submission process. Be sure to read the submission instructions for the change you want to make.

You must have a Business BCeID to access the online licensing portal.

Once your BCeID has been set up, log into the Liquor and cannabis licensing portal. Review and confirm your account information on the Account Profile page.


As a Food Primary licensee, you can

  • Apply to make a permanent change to your licence
  • Notify us of a permanent change to a licensee
  • Make temporary changes to a Food Primary licence
  • Apply to make a structural change
  • Add or change a tied house exemption
  • Temporarily suspend a Food Primary licence for a special event
  • Add or change a third party operator
  • Submit a dormancy notification

Processing times for each change are approximate and may vary.

Some changes require a fee.


You'll need to fill out the correct form for the type of change you want to make. Be sure to check if the change requires a manual or online submission process.

Apply to make a permanent change to your licence

Apply to

  • Change establishment (operating as name)
  • Add a Patron participation entertainment
  • Request a change in the terms and conditions
  • Add liquor service at films/broadcasts
  • Change hours of sale
  • Get a Catering endorsement

Apply online

Apply to make a permanent change to a licensee

You must apply for the LCRB's approval within 10 days of making the changes listed below.

  • Changes in ownership of shares
  • Amalgamation of the corporation, holding company or subsidiary
  • Change of directors/officers/senior managers
    • Each new director/officer must submit a Personal History Summary and required documents including a Criminal Record Check.
  • Licensee name changes (legal entity name)

Submit changes online

Make temporary changes

Apply to make temporary changes to your food primary licence (e.g. temporary change of hours, patron participation or temporary extension of licensed area)

Apply online

Make a structural change or indoor TESA permanent

A structural change application is required to change your interior service area. This includes a change to:

  • Add, remove, or reconfigure space
  • The floor plan 
  • The occupant load 

See pages 136-137 of the Liquor Policy Manual for examples.

Cosmetic changes don't require an application (i.e. changing the flooring, paint, countertops, and rearranging moveable furniture).

Submit a structural change application to make your indoor Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA) permanent. 

Apply online

Add a patio or make an outdoor TESA permanent

Food primary licensees can apply to add an outdoor patio to their establishment.  

Apply to make your current outdoor Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA) permanent. 

Note: Not all TESA authorizations will be viable permanent patios. Before you apply and pay the fee, it is your responsibility to work with your local government and authorities to make sure the TESA complies with all local permits, bylaws and requirements.

Application fee is $440. 

Apply online

Add or change a tied house exemption

Use this form to apply for, or change an existing, tied house exemption with a small volume manufacturer.

Download the Tied House Exemption Application form (PDF, 743 KB)

To submit, refer to instructions for manual submissions.

Temporary suspension of Food Primary licence (for special event)

A temporary suspension of your licence allows you to use your food primary establishment to allow for a special event under a special event permit.

That means you are requesting a temporary suspension of your licence, often in conjunction with the use of a special event permit (this must be applied for separately)

Submit request online

Add or change a third party operator

A third-party operator is an individual, partnership or corporate entity hired by a licensee to manage their establishment.  The licensee remains accountable for the overall operation of the licensed establishment.

Apply online

Dormancy notification

Notify us within 10 days of the closure or as soon as you become aware that the closure will be longer than 90 days.

You can find more information in the Dormancy Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 265 KB).

Download the Dormancy Notification Form (PDF, 901 KB)

To submit, refer to instructions for manual submissions.

Manual submissions

For applications with manual submission requirements, you can submit your application by

Scan and email

  • If you submit by email and want to pay by credit card, call 1-866-209-2111 to make your payment

Print and mail to

  • Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch
    PO Box 9292 Stn Prov Govt
    Victoria, B.C. V8W 9J8

Fax your completed application to 250-952-7066

  • If you submit by email and want to pay by credit card, call 1-866-209-2111 to make your payment

In person or courier

  • 400-645 Tyee Road
    Victoria, B.C. V9A 6X5


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