Become a British Columbia certified teacher

To teach in the public and independent school systems in B.C., educators need a teaching certificate.

Last updated: November 15, 2022

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Application process 

Start the application process to obtain a Certificate of Qualification, Independent School Teaching Certificate or a First Nations Language Teaching Certificate.

Step one

Explore the different types
of certificates and
Letter of Permission

  • Learn about the types and requirements for each teaching certificate
    • Certificate of Qualification
    • Independent School Teaching Certificate
    • First Nations Language Teaching Certificate
  • Understand in which schools or school systems the certificates can be used
  • Learn about the Letter of Permission

Step twoStart an application

Apply for a certificate

Get started on a rewarding career as a British Columbia educator by applying for a teaching certificate.

Step threeFind a teaching position

Find a teaching position

Make a Future is one site to find hundreds of jobs in British Columbia's schools. This is a joint partnership between the Ministry of Education and Child Care, public school boards and independent schools.

Understanding the application process

Understanding the application processLearn more about the application process. This includes ways you can get help with completing your application. It also includes how much time you can expect to wait for the evaluation of your application.

Choosing the right application

If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements for a particular certificate, try our Teaching Certificate Application Selection Tool.

The selection tool can help you better understand the certificate options that are available to you based on your education, work or life experience. 

Try the tool

Teacher certification application selection tool

Apply from outside of B.C. or re-apply for certification

Apply from another province or country

Find out how to apply for a teaching certificate in British Columbia if you are a teacher from another Canadian province/territory or country

Re-apply if your teaching certificate expired or was cancelled

Learn about the process for re-applying for a teaching certificate in British Columbia


Career paths in teaching

Teacher education programs

Teacher education programs at B.C. universities are one to two years long. Course work and practicum experience focus on education, competence and professional conduct standards for educators in B.C.

Teach in French

Teach in French

French-language educators are needed across B.C. for French K-12 education programs like Core French, Intensive French, French Immersion, and the Francophone Program

Teach in a B.C. Offshore School

Teach in a B.C. offshore school

B.C. certified offshore schools are authorized to offer B.C. curriculum in countries around the world


Become an early childhood educator

Early childhood education

Early childhood educators deliver programs for infants and young children. Find out about the requirements for getting certified as an early childhood educator