Approved teacher education programs

Teacher education programs at B.C. universities are one to two years long. Course work and practicum experience focus on education, competence and professional conduct standards for educators in B.C.

Last updated: August 19, 2021

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Approved teaching programs

Check with each institution to find out more about admission requirements.​

Teacher education program approval

The BC Teachers' Council reviews and approves teacher education programs at B.C. post-secondary institutions to ensure that they will produce graduates that meet the standards for educators in B.C.

Framework for program approval and review

Post-secondary institutions and the BC Teachers’ Council use a framework that outlines the processes involved in the review and approval of a teacher education program. 

The following materials guide approved teacher education programs, and post-secondary institutions seeking approval of a program, through the processes outlined in the Teacher Education Program Approval & Review Framework.  

Teacher survey - results  

In 2014, the BC Teachers' Council conducted a survey of newly certified educators to learn how prepared they felt for teaching in a K-12 classroom. The results of the survey were used to support the BCTC’s review of the Teacher Education Program Approval Standards.