Course challenge

Consider earning graduation credit for prior learning by challenging a specific Grade 10, 11 or 12 course that’s been approved by us or the local school board.

Last updated: September 30, 2020

You can request to challenge a course through the school district or Distributed Learning school that you’re registered at (this includes homeschoolers). When you do, be prepared to indicate why you feel you will be successful completing the challenge assessment – the school will review this along with any documentation of prior learning you have in order to determine if challenging a course is the best option for you.

Students are not eligible to challenge a specific course if they’ve already:

  • Challenged it and received a passing grade
  • Completed it through previous enrolment
  • Been granted equivalency for it

For administrators

It’s important to first assess documented prior learning for students making this request. It may be possible to grant equivalency for credits they already have instead of completing the challenge process.

Also, please note that the challenge process must assess students on all course learning standards. Examples of challenge assessment strategies include hands-on demonstrations, oral performances, interviews, written examinations, or presentations of a collection of work. 

Learn more details about the challenge process: