Board/Authority Authorized and First Nation Authorized courses

Board/Authority Authorized Courses (BAA Courses) and First Nation Authorized Courses (FNA Courses) respond to the local needs of the schools and their communities while providing choice and flexibility for students. BAA Courses are authorized by Boards/Authorities according to requirements set by the Ministry of Education. FNA Courses are authorized by First Nation Approving Bodies according to requirements set out in the First Nation Authorized Courses (FNAC) Process.

Boards/Authorities wishing to offer Grade 10-12 BAA courses should follow the B.C. Graduation Program Board/Authority Authorized Courses: Requirements and Procedures.

Last updated: September 27, 2023

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B.C. Graduation Program BAA resources

In cooperation with the Focused Education Resource Services, a searchable BAA Sharing Platform has been created. Boards/Authorities can volunteer to share their BAA frameworks on the platform. Districts or schools accessing BAA courses on this platform will need to seek approval from their board/authority to deliver the courses locally, as per BAA policy.