Data Entry Guidelines and Acceptable Documentation

We are encouraging all schools to obtain a copy of legal documentation as issued in Canada upon the registration of a new student. Only under special circumstances will a foreign legal document be accepted.

The following list represents documentation that the Ministry will accept in order to change/update student demographic information. Please fax the student(s) document(s) along with their Personal Education Number to (250) 953-0450.

Birth Certificate

Image of a British Columbia Birth Certificate


  • Vital Statistics Documentation
  • Court Orders

B.C. Identification Card

Sample of B.C. Identity Card


Drivers Licence

Sample of Drivers Licence

BC Services Card
(Photo version only)

Sample of the BC Services Card



Permanent Resident Card

Sample Canadian Permanent Resident Card


  • Certificate of Citizenship

Passport or Visa

Sample Canadian Passport



Documents Issued by Immigration Canada

Sample Documents Issued by Immigration Canada