PEN Web Account Setups

Administrators can use PEN Web to:

  • Submit, upload and review student PEN requests
  • Download official Ministry files
  • Run a 1701 extract to check for discrepancies between school and Ministry records

Last updated: August 14, 2020

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Setting Up an Account

The school administrator responsible for student PENs must send the following information to the PENs coordinator:

  • Name
  • School Code
  • School Name
  • Phone Number
  • Principal's Name

The school administrator will be contacted via phone or email with a new PEN Wed username and password.

Passwords for PEN Web are set to expire every 90 days. You may be immediately prompted to change your password. Please follow the steps to create the new password and you will be able to access the system.

Accessing PEN Web

Log in to PEN Web

  • Review news and announcements on the homepage, then click “Enter”
  • Enter username and password
  • If it’s your first time logging in or your password is about to expire, follow the instructions to change your password and enter a password reminder question
  • Confirm your contact information displayed is correct

Resetting Your Passwords

Passwords expire every 90 days – the system will provide a password change prompt.

Reset your password  Request a new password