DataBC Products & Services

B.C.’s investment in data management and infrastructure provides government ministries and agencies, businesses and citizens with direct access to authoritative data through a wide variety of web applications and services.

Discover Data

Use the BC Data Catalogue to explore thousands of B.C. datasets, applications and web services. 

Learn more about the BC Geographic Warehouse, an enterprise-scale store of data at the heart of B.C.'s Spatial Data Infrastructure, that enables everyone to discover and use B.C.'s wealth of geographic information.

View and Analyze Data

Use these web applications to visualize and analyze B.C. geographic data in your browser.

Download Data

Use these tools to download B.C. data for use offline.

Connect Directly to Data

Connect your own mapping tool to BC Map Services and benefit from direct access to live-streaming B.C. geographic data.

Location Services

Enhance your applications and improve your data by using B.C. location services.

Other Tools and Utilities