BC Address Geocoder

The BC Address Geocoder is a REST web service that can be used to resolve the physical locations (i.e., latitude and longitude) and correct, standardized form of civic and non-civic addresses in British Columbia.


  • The REST API can be easily integrated into applications. 
  • The anonymous API is useful for trying out the Geocoder.  A rate limit of 1000 requests per minute applies.  These Terms of Service apply.
  • Uses requiring higher quality of service, or support, should use the gated API along with an API key.  Software developers can create their own keys.  DataBC staff create permanent keys for production applications, on request.  Please open a ticket with the Data Systems & Services request system for more information.

Batch Geocoding

  • Use the Address List Editor to geocode fewer than one thousand addresses.
  • Use the Batch Geocoder to geocode large address lists (tens of thousands to millions). This tool is restricted to B.C. Government users and others explicitly granted permission. Please open a ticket with the Data Systems & Services request system for more information.


  1. The British Columbia Assessment Authority for providing property addresses.

  2. City of Chilliwack, Township of Langley, District of Saanich, District of North Vancouver and the City of Vancouver for providing individual addresses provided under their respective Open Data licenses.

  3. The Integrated Cadastral Information Society for providing individual addresses on behalf of local government members.

  4. Statistics Canada and Natural Resources Canada for providing the Road Network File and National Road Network under their respective Open Data licenses, used in deriving address ranges.

  5. The B.C. Digital Road Atlas Program for providing road centrelines, localities, and locality alias names.

  6. The BC Geographical Names Information System for providing place names.

  7. ParcelMap BC Parcel Fabric for providing the parcel geometry.

  8. The Geographic Sites Registry for providing locations that are important to government carrying out business.

  9. Various Open licensed software packages listed here.