Training & Development for Clerical & Administrative Workers

From orientation to ongoing professional development, training will ensure you have the tools you need to assist you in your career progression. 

The Learning Centre, BC Public Service Agency

The Learning Centre is the consolidated resource for corporate learning in the BC Public Service, ensuring that all employees have access to consistent learning and development opportunities. A variety of programs are offered, such as financial management, human resources, project management, leadership, computer applications and much more. Courses focus on foundational skills, career building for job-specific or specialized skill training, supervisory training, and executive/leadership development.

Ministry Specific Training

Given the diversity of work done within the BC Public Service, many ministries offer training courses and programs specifically focused on their own unique needs.

Pacific Leaders Program

The BC Public Service recognizes that employees might want to develop their skills through ongoing adult education. To support employees' learning needs, scholarships, bursaries and BC student loan forgiveness are available through the Pacific Leaders program.

Grow Your Skills

We recognize the importance of personal and professional growth, and as such, the BC Public Service is committed to the training and development of our employees. Suggested training for administrative and clerical positions in the BC Public Service includes correspondence, financial management fundamentals, project administration, privacy and information sharing, and courses relating to computer applications (Live Meeting, OneNote and Groove).