Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competencies Interpretive Guides for Hiring

The Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competencies (IR behavioural competencies) help the BC Public Service improve our individual and collective abilities to work effectively with the Indigenous peoples of B.C. The 17 competencies came from listening to what Indigenous peoples in British Columbia said works for them. They are for all of us who work in the BC Public Service and live on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples across the province. It is recommended to include at least one of these competencies in your assessment process. We have created an interpretive guide for each of the Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competencies. Use these interpretive guides during your hiring process.  Interpretive Guides will assist you in the interpretation and evaluation of applicant responses to interview questions.

Sample Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competency Questions (PDF, 612KB). For additional sample questions please contact AskMyHR or your Hiring Advisor.

Interpretive Guides

Indigenous Centred Service Approach (PDF, 541KB)
Building a Trust-Based Relationship (PDF, 542KB)
Change Leadership (PDF, 540KB)
Collaborative Planning, Organizing and Coordinating (PDF, 542KB)
Commitment (PDF, 541KB)
Credible Champion (PDF, 539KB)
Cultural Agility (PDF, 539KB)
Empathy (PDF, 540KB)
Empowering Others (PDF, 540KB)
Ingenuity (PDF, 540KB)
Managing Organizational Resources (PDF, 540KB)
Open Listening (PDF, 542KB)
Process Orientation (PDF, 540KB)
Promoting Accord (PDF, 542KB)
Self-discovery and Awareness (PDF, 541KB)
Strategic Orientation (PDF, 539KB)
Sustained Learning and Development (PDF, 541KB)