Last updated on November 10, 2017

personal effectiveness

Commitment is visibly putting into action your stated commitments. It means "walking the talk" and following through. It includes communicating information and intentions openly, honestly and regularly, and welcoming the same in others. It is consistently demonstrating ethical behaviour (such as honouring confidentiality and speaking the truth) so that Indigenous people know what to expect and can trust that action will follow your statement of commitment. It also means anticipating the level of knowledge and understanding needed and proactively gaining the knowledge prior to entering into relationships with Indigenous  people.

Demonstrates the Behaviour When

  • Follows through on commitments
  • Meets agreed-upon deliverables on time and as promised
  • Demonstrates honesty, timeliness and consistency in all communications
  • Honours the confidentiality of information shared by others
  • Gains knowledge of the culture, situation and opportunities prior to entering into relationships with Indigenous people
  • Identifies personal and professional values and how they may differ from those of other cultures
  • Shows understanding of the past and how it may impact the current relationship
  • Tells the truth even when it may be challenging to do so
  • Demonstrates an attitude that everyone is acting with the best intentions
  • Is open to feedback around appropriate behaviour in any Indigenous cultural context
  • Changes behaviours that may get in the way of "walking the talk"
  • Demonstrates continuity when leaving the position by ensuring that the relationship is sustained in a good way
  • Demonstrates patience and seeks understanding when value systems or cultural standards differ
  • Puts into action commitments even when challenged by shifting priorities
  • Expects and fosters commitment from others
  • Indigenous people indicate respect for the individual and their actions regardless of the situation

Needs Development When

  • Commits to an action and has trouble following through
  • Says one thing and does another
  • Fails to deliver on time and as promised
  • Harbours personal or work agendas that differ from those stated
  • Changes behaviour or action only when it is easy to do so
  • Demonstrates contradictory values
  • Demonstrates behaviours that tend to maintain old practice, even when following through on commitments demands a change
  • Enters into interaction with Indigenous people unprepared and expects them to provide all cultural education and history
  • Fails to gain full knowledge from others inside the BC Public Service when taking responsibility for a relationship already in progress
  • Utilizes culturally appropriate protocol without full understanding of and agreement with the intent
  • Makes commitments prior to understanding the larger picture and how it may impact ability to follow through
  • Uses position or power to further hidden agenda(s)
  • Promises to maintain confidentiality when it compromises employee commitments to the public service to do so
  • Follows through on commitments but fails to make this visible to Indigenous people and others outside of the provincial government