Ethics Framework Contacts

As public servants, we are all required to act ethically and work with integrity in all that we do, in all areas of the BC Public Service.

You may wish to refer to the contact information below to direct your ethics-related inquiry to the appropriate area.

Treasury Board

Office of the Comptroller General

Financial Management Framework

  • Carl Fischer, Comptroller General, Comptroller General's Office, Office of the Comptroller General
  • Jim Bulmer, Director, Financial Management and Operations, Office of the Comptroller General


  • Alex Kortum, Executive Director, Corporate Controls and Compliance Monitoring Branch, Office of the Comptroller General

BC Public Service Agency

Public Service Act and its regulations, Standards of Conduct, Accountability Frameworks and Conflict of Interest Guidelines

  • Rueben Bronee, Executive Lead, Policy, Innovation and Engagement, BC Public Service Agency
  • Angela Weltz, Director Policy and Research, BC Public Service Agency

Human Resources Investigations

  • Kenneth McLean, Director, Employee Relations, BC Public Service Agency

Corporate Information & Records Management Office

IM Policy Requirements

Privacy Advice

Records Management Advice

Report an Information Incident

  • To report an information incident, dial 250-387-7000, option 3 or toll free at 1-866-660-0811 (available 24 hours a day).

Office of the Chief Information Officer

OCIO Policies (General Information)

Information Security Investigations

  • Gary Perkins, Executive Director and Chief Information Security Officer