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In order to create and manage a supplier account within BC Bid, the Supplier Admin is responsible for completing the following activities:

Supplier admin responsibilities
Application Responsibilities/Privileges
  • Obtaining and activating the Business BCeID account
  • Managing the business BCeID account
  • Creating Business BCeID accounts for additional users
BC Bid
  • Self registration and onboarding of the supplier account
  • Onboarding and activating additional users
  • Paying for e-Bidding and notifications on behalf of additional users (they can also pay for themselves)
  • Revoking and enabling e-Bidding privileges
  • Deactivating additional users
  • Relinquishing the supplier admin role
  • Creating and Managing Supplier Sites
  • Submitting Change Requests
  • Updating contact information (changes from BCeID don’t update to BC Bid)

In order to be assigned to a supplier account, an additional supplier user is responsible for the following activities:

Additional user responsibilities
Application Responsibilities/Privileges
  • Contacting the Business Profile Manager to set up and activate a Business BCeID
BC Bid
  • Self registration of additional user account
Supplier role matrix
  Supplier admin Additional supplier user BC Bid Help Desk
New Supplier Account registration – Business BCeID  Yes No No
New Supplier Site creation and registration  Yes No No
Validation and approval of new Supplier Account No No Yes
Validation and approval of new Supplier Site No No Yes
Additional supplier user activation Yes No Yes
Revoking e-bidding privileges Yes No Yes
Relinquishing Supplier Admin role to another user Yes No Yes
Paying for Subscriptions on behalf of another user Yes No No
Submitting a Change Request Yes No Yes
Approving a Change Request No No Yes

When completing the Legal Structure drop-down box on Company Information page, use the following table to identify the structure.

Supplier Legal Structure
If your organization is registered in BCeID and/or BC Registries as… …then in BC Bid, make this selection:
Proprietorship - AKA sole proprietorship, doing business as, firm, self-employed Proprietorship (SP)
General Partnership - Excluding limited partnership (LP) and limited liability partnership (LLP) Other legal form
BC Corporation - Name ends in Ltd, Ltée, Inc, Limited, Corporation, Corp or ULC Corporation / Incorporated (CORP, INC)
BC Incorporated Society- A not-for-profit organization incorporated in BC Other legal form
Extra Provincially Registered Company - AKA extraprovincial company, extra-pro, ex-pro Other legal form
Extraprovincial Non-Share Corporation - An "Extraprovincial Non-Share Corporation" means a society or association, incorporated or otherwise, formed outside British Columbia. It does not include a society or association, incorporated or otherwise, formed to acquire profit or gain or, that has a capital divided into shares Other legal form
Other - LP, LLP, non-registered society, association, charity, business registered outside Canada

Limited Liability Company (LCC, LC, Ltd. Co)  or 

Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)  or 

Limited Liability Partnership (LLLP)  or 

Limited Partnership (LP)



Appendix 6 (responding) - Submission Progress and Submission Status

There are two areas where Suppliers can see the status of their submission. Each location has a different status list displayed.

Submission Progress: The Submission Progress is displayed in the Manage Submissions search. The status displayed are: Start, In Progress, and Submitted.

Submission Status: The Submission Status is displayed on the Submission History tab when viewing the opportunity. The status displayed are: In Progress, Received, Cancelled, Replaced, Non-admissible.

Supplier submission status
Submission Progress / Submission Status Description

A Received Submission has been withdrawn. Withdrawn submissions are only visible when looking at the opportunity’s Submission History. If Start Submission was selected and a Submission was Withdrawn, there will always be an In Progress submission and you will still see the Cancel Submission button. You can select Cancel Submission to cancel an In Progress Submission, but Submissions with that status have not been received by the issuing organization and nor are they accessible. It does not change to Start, unlike when the issuing organization posts an amendment because you are within the same version of the opportunity.

In Progress

The Start Submission button has been selected. If the Start Submission button has been selected, there will always be an In Progress submission (including if a submission was withdrawn), unless the issuing organization has issued an amendment. If an amendment has been issued it will show Start.

If Start Submission has been selected in BC Bid, but the Submission was prepared outside BC Bid and submitted via email or another method, then submission progress will remain In Progress within BC Bid.
Non-admissible The Submission that had been received by the issuing organization was deemed to have failed a mandatory requirement and as such cannot progress to the evaluation stage
Received An issuing organization has received your Submission. This is different to the Submitted status as it is when the Submission was actually received within BC Bid.
Replaced A Submission that was received by the issuing organization that has been replaced by an updated Submission.
Start The Start Submission button had been selected, but the opportunity was amended.
Submitted A Submission was submitted to the issuing organization. This is different to the Received status as it indicates the Submission was submitted.