Step 2 - Questions for buyer

You may have some questions for the buyer regarding the opportunity.


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1. Ensure that the Start Submission button has been selected.

2. On the left-hand menu click Enquiries.

Note: The Enquiries menu is not visible until the Start Submission button is selected.

3. In the Ask a question section, click Compose, a box will open on the right-hand side of the page.


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4. In the Message Type drop-down list, Enquiries will be selected.

5. In the From field, the supplier contact name associated with the BCeID account will be auto populated.

6. In the To drop-down list, select the Official Contact.

7. In the Subject field, enter an appropriate subject for the message. For ease of reference, include the Opportunity ID in the subject field.

8. In the text box, enter the content of the message.

9. Optional: Click the Click or Drag to add files button to add an attachment related to the question.

10. Click Send.

Note: Clicking save on this page will not save a draft of the message.

Some opportunities may have an enquiries deadline. Questions received after this deadline may not be answered. The Enquiries Deadline is displayed on the Opportunity Details page.

Buyers can respond directly to suppliers (for process related questions) or reply to a question publicly via an Addendum (for clarification of specifications). The steps below show how to view a direct response. See Addenda for how to view a response received via Addenda.

view message

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1. When viewing the opportunity, on the left-hand menu click Enquiries.

2. In the Ask a question section, select the message by clicking on any part of it.

3. View the message on the right-hand side of the screen (side to side scrolling may be needed). Message content will include:

a. Who the message was from.

b. Created date and time.

c. Review the message content.

In addition to the Enquiries screen, questions may also be submitted to the Official Contact via the email address indicated in the opportunity. The Start Submissions button does not need to be clicked to send a question by email.

official contact email

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1. Click the Opportunity Details tab.

2. In the Official Contact Information section, copy the Contact email address.

3. Using an email application, send an email to the Official Contact using the email address provided. Ensure that the Opportunity ID is referenced in the subject line.

4. The Official Contact may respond by email (for process related enquiries) or by issuing an addendum or amendment (for clarification or changes to specifications).



Addenda are minor changes or clarifications to the opportunity. It is the supplier’s responsibility to review any addenda. Addenda does not require a supplier to resubmit a response to the opportunity. Addenda may be issued in response to an Enquiry. Any addenda issued are also visible from the Enquiries screen.


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1.    When viewing the opportunity, on the left-hand menu click Addenda.

2.    Review the listed addenda, including any attachments provided.

For more information, see the Amendments & Addenda section.