Water Use or Diversion

Potential Approval, Permit or Code of Practice Requirements

Explanation: In British Columbia, the right to the use and flow of all the water at any time in a stream are for all purposes vested in the government, except insofar as private rights have been established under authorizations.  The primary provincial statute regulating water resources is the Water Sustainability Act.  Section 6 of the Water Sustainability Act regulates the use of water.

The Process for Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) Projects

Applications for approval for Short Term Use of Water are made through FrontCounter BC. The application form is online. FrontCounter BC will check the application for completeness and forward it to Water Stewardship Division (WSD).  WSD will adjudicate the application and issue an approval letter or contact MoTI if changes are required. WSD’s goal is to process Approval applications within 90 days of receipt but it may take longer.

Statute: Water Sustainability Act

Relevant Section or Regulation: Section 6 and Section 9 of the Water Sustainability Act

Regulating Agency: Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy