Recreational Vehicles & Towing Trailers

British Columbians enjoy recreational activities throughout the year. Whether heading out camping, taking a trip in your recreational vehicle, or hauling your boat, bike, snowmobile or utility trailer, these tips will help you get you where you are going safely.

Resources for Safe Towing

If you tow a load that is too heavy for your vehicle, you create a potential safety risk for yourself and others on the road.

Motor Vehicle Act Regulations in B.C. prohibit the operation of vehicles that are unsafe or improperly loaded and exceed either the Gross Axle Rating (GAWR) or the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). These regulations apply to recreational towing, utility towing and boat towing.

Off-Road Vehicles on Crown Land

Off-road vehicles like ATVs, dirt-bikes and snowmobiles aren’t just used recreationally – they’re also a big part of our transportation system and economy. Learn more about the different requirements used for this type of vehicle.

Transporting Gasoline and Propane Tanks