Licensing, Insurance & Claims

Learn about obtaining or renewing drivers' licences and insurance, how to train for a licence, and find tips on purchasing or leasing a vehicle.


Driver Training


  • Insuring Your Vehicle
    Buy, renew or cancel your ICBC insurance.
  • Insuring Your Trailer
    Your recreation vehicle or trailer must be registered and insured as you would any other vehicle. Talk to your insurance broker.
  • Commercial Insurance
    ICBC offers commercial insurance for fleets, Non-fleet commercial vehicles, drivers of fleet or business vehicles, garage service operations, insurance and licensing for ride hailing services and insurance for peer-to-peer vehicle rentals.
  • Make a claim if you've been in a car accident and have ICBC insurance.
  • Make a highway-related claim
    Find out how to make a claim if you're traveling on a provincial highway and you get injured, or your home, land or vehicle is damaged because of highway construction or maintenance work.

Crossing Borders

Buying a Vehicle