Highway 1 - 216th to 264th Widening

Photo of Glover Road showing two lanes each direction with an overhead bridge, located in a farmland area with coniferous and deciduous trees flanking the highway into the distance.

Phase 2 - from 216th Street to 264th Street (10 km) is currently under construction.

Last updated: November 29, 2023

Phase 2 is located in the Township of Langley between the new 216th Street Interchange and the 264th Street (Highway 13) Interchange.

This segment of highway is operating at capacity during peak periods and contains vertical clearance issues for commercial vehicles. The 232nd Street Interchange configuration no longer operates well under current traffic volumes and will only get worse as volumes increase.  

The project will include:

  • Widening Highway 1 to accommodate eastbound and westbound high occupancy vehicle (HOV) and electric vehicle (EV) lanes in the median between the 216th Street and 264th Street Interchanges
  • Constructing a new crossing at Glover Road, including new three-metre-wide multi-use pathways in both directions and increased clearance over the highway
  • Reconfiguring the existing 232 Street Interchange and the replacement of the existing crossing, including three-metre-wide multi-use pathways in both directions and increased clearance over the highway
  • Replacing the existing railway crossing immediately east of Glover Road, including increased highway clearance

Project cost

The project is funded with contributions from:

  • The Government of Canada
  • Province of B.C.
  • Township of Langley


  • Detailed design of the entire project is complete
  • Advanced works are complete
  • Utility relocation and protection works around 232nd St interchange and eastward anticipated to complete in Spring 2024

Glover Road Crossing

  • Tybo Contracting Ltd. has been secured to complete construction of the new Glover Road crossing
  • Form work for concrete deck to start late fall 2023
  • Project on schedule for completion spring 2024, opening anticipated summer 2024

232nd Street Interchange and HOV Widening

  • Tender package to market in early 2024 and construction start in 2024
  • Substantial construction completion in 2026

CPKC Replacement Railway Crossing

  • BC Hydro relocation works anticipated spring/summer 2024
  • Construction tender to market upon completion of BC Hydro relocation works

Project objectives

This project will:

  • Reduce Highway 1 congestion
  • Improve overall safety and capacity of the highway and the 232nd Street Interchange
  • Eliminate low clearance issues for commercial vehicles on the corridor
  • Encourage motorists towards more sustainable transportation rather than traveling in single occupancy vehicles
  • Support increased use of existing Highway 1 transit services by improving transit travel times and reliability
  • HOV / EV lanes will support CleanBC and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhance pedestrian and cycling features at Glover Road and 232nd Street


  • Functional design was completed in winter 2020
  • Preliminary construction works began in spring 2021
  • Complete new Glover Road crossing and remove Glover Road detour by summer 2024 (Highway 1 diversions will remain in place until project completion)
  • Construct the 232nd Street Interchange and median HOV / EV lanes – tender in 2024
  • Construct the replacement railway crossing – tender in 2024
  • Substantially complete highway widening construction in 2026

Notice of detour

During construction of the new Glover Road crossing, Glover Road is closed to all traffic (including pedestrians and cyclists) between University Drive south of Highway 1 and Telegraph Trail north of Highway 1. Traffic detoured as shown on the Detour Route Map.

Public information session

A public information session regarding the Glover Road crossing replacement, detour routes and highway widening was held January 12, 2023. We thank everyone who attended.

Detour map

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Detour Map

Project map

Map Fraser Valley Highway 1 Corridor Improvement Program Phases 1 to 4

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