Kenyon Creek Culvert Replacement at Redrooffs and Tapp Road

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Heavy rains caused debris blockages and washed out culverts at Kenyon Creek, located just east of Sargeant Bay Provincial Park, running about 2.4 km from north to south on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Last Updated: September 22, 2023

The creek is adjacent to Highway 101 along its north half, and crosses Redrooffs Road at approximately 55 m elevation. The project will:

  • Replace washed out culvert
  • Repair shoulder erosion


Redrooffs Road

  • One travel lane in each direction and is approximately 6.5 m wide at the Kenyon Creek crossing
  • The road embankment at the culvert outlet slopes down at approximately 1:1 (H:V) to the bottom of the channel

Kenyon Creek

  • Flows across Redrooffs Road from north to south before eventually reaching Sargeant Bay about 500 m downstream of the crossing
  • Channel has a bottom width of 4 to 6 m and a bank full width of 10 to 15 m
  • Short section of channel at the culvert inlet which a waterfall flows into
  • The upstream area of the waterfall contains naturally fallen woody debris


  • Interim emergency works (Completed October 2022)
    • Removal of washed-out culverts and debris blockage
    • Repair of road embankment erosion
  • Additional investigations (Completed)
  • Mitigation (underway)
    • Measures being applied to ensure the site can withstand another fall coastal cycle in 2023
  • Temporary Repairs (to be completed in summer 2023)
    • Delineation of roadway
    • Additional signage
    • Asphalt installation and riprap to the shoulders
    • Ongoing maintenance will continue until permanent repairs commence
  • Permanent Repairs (to be completed in 2024) 
    • Completing the detailed design
    • Awaiting regulatory approvals
    • Public tender for the construction work is anticipated for January 2024
    • Construction will follow in spring/summer 2024

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