Day Road Culvert Replacements at Clack and Gough Creek

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Heavy rains caused debris blockages and washed out culverts at Gough Creek and Clack Creek, located between Roberts Creek Provincial Park and Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park.

Last Updated: September 22, 2023

Gough Creek and Clack Creek cross Day Road at approximately 1.6 km north of Highway 101. Gough Creek crosses Day Road about 210 m west of the Clack Creek crossing. The two creeks flow south and join with Roberts Creek downstream, before eventually flowing into the Strait of Georgia. The project will: 

  • Replace washed out culvert
  • Repair shoulder erosion

Day Road

  • Seal-coated, low volume road
  • The road is about 5 m wide and is raised above the adjacent ground in most areas
  • Surrounded by heavily forested areas
  • Services approximately six rural residential lots in the Roberts Creek community

Gough Creek

  • Channel is well-defined, with a typical width of 3-6 m upstream of the crossing, widening to a maximum of 12 m near the culvert inlet
  • 6-10 m wide near the outlet and widens downstream to an approximately 40 m wide flood plain with a poorly defined 5 m wide channel

Clack Creek

  • Channel is about 3-5 m wide upstream and widens to a maximum 20 m width near the culvert inlet
  • On the downstream side, the channel is 3-6 m wide, with a floodplain that is approximately 50 m wide


  • Emergency Interim Repairs (Completed January 2023)
    • Removal of washed-out culverts and debris blockage
    • Repair of road embankment erosion
  • Additional investigations (Completed)
    • Measures to ensure the site can withstand another fall coastal cycle in 2023
    • Ongoing maintenance will continue until permanent repairs commence
  • Temporary Repairs (to be completed in summer 2023)
    • Delineation of roadway
    • Riprap and gravel restructure of the shoulders
    • Removal sections of washout culverts in Clack Creek
  • Permanent Repairs (to be completed in 2024)
    • Completing the detailed design
    • Awaiting regulatory approvals
    • Public tender for the construction work is anticipated for January 2024
    • Construction will follow in spring/summer 2024

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