File Your Property Transfer Tax

When you register an interest in a property you must:

  1. File your tax return(s)
  2. Pay all property transfer tax

The tax return and payment must be submitted together at the Land Title Office. In most cases, property transfers are completed by a legal professional.

File Your Tax Returns

You must file a Property Transfer Tax Return and sign the certification portion of the return when you register an interest in a property.

If you are a foreign entity or taxable trustee required to pay the additional property transfer tax, you must also file the Additional Property Transfer Tax Return (FIN 532) (PDF) with the Property Transfer Tax Return.

If your legal professional is filing on your behalf, they will already have access to the Property Transfer Tax Return.

If you are not using a legal professional to file on your behalf, complete the Manual Property Transfer Tax Return (FIN 579) (PDF) and submit the return to the Land Titles Office together with the payment.

Refer to the Property Transfer Tax Return Guide and other resources to learn how to complete a Property Transfer Tax Return.

All property transfer transactions are subject to audit and the property transfer tax return(s) are reviewed and verified.

Pay Your Taxes

When you register a property transfer, you must pay property transfer tax unless you qualify for an exemption.

You must also pay the additional property transfer tax, if applicable. Each transferee is jointly and severally liable for any additional property transfer tax payable. If you do not pay the additional tax, the other transferees are required to pay your share.

If you do not pay the taxes on the date the transfer is registered, the Registrar of Land Titles may refuse to register your property transfer.