Information for legal professionals on filing a property transfer tax return

Effective December 14, 2020, legal professionals must file property transfer tax using the web-based property transfer tax return through the Land Title and Survey Authority of B.C. (LTSA). The property transfer tax PDF forms will no longer be accepted.

All property transfers, including transfers subject to the further 2% tax on residential properties and the additional property transfer tax, can be completed using the web-based return. When your filing is complete, the tax return will show the total property transfer tax owing or exempt and a breakdown of the tax rates.

For more details on what information you’ll need to complete the web-based return, refer to the property transfer tax return guide.

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If you have PDF property transfer tax forms or a previous version of the web-based property transfer tax return signed on or before December 13, 2020, they will be accepted until December 20, 2020.

The December 14th update of the web-based property transfer tax return will be the only valid return for new executions on and after December 14, 2020.

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Features of the web-based return

The web-based property transfer tax return includes the following features to make your filing experience easier:

  • Dynamic entry – The selections you make throughout the return will prompt the information you’ll need to provide

  • Auto-populated information – The return may auto-populate details from fields that were already entered and information from previously filed returns

  • All-in-one calculations – The return calculates all property transfer tax on a single return, including the additional property transfer tax and the further 2% tax on residential property greater than $3 million

Note: The terms in this section has been updated to align with the Property Transfer Tax Act

  • Built-in help – The question mark icons throughout the return includes useful information to help you complete the return.

  • Drag and drop attachments – Additional documentation can be added quickly and easily to the return before you file

  • PDF copy – Once you’ve completed the return, a summary of all the information entered, including a breakdown of property transfer tax calculations for each transferee, will be provided in a PDF

New information requirements

You should be prepared to provide the following additional information when using the web-based property transfer tax return:

  • Whether the corporation is a foreign corporation
  • Whether any of the shareholders of the corporation are foreign entities
  • The jurisdiction of incorporation for all corporations
  • A copy of the Declaration for Trustee document to attach to the return if you’re claiming the Trustee/Bankruptcy exemption (code 12)
  • The phone numbers for all directors, corporate interest holders, settlors and beneficiaries


To apply for a refund, email your refund request and any relevant documentation to

If you are eligible for a refund, a cheque will be issued. We can't do direct deposits into your bank account.