Stumpage is a fee that businesses or individuals pay when they harvest timber from Crown land in B.C.

Stumpage is a payment for use of a public natural resource and is not the same as logging tax. The money raised by stumpage is used to fund vital social services such as education and health care, and is sometimes shared with First Nations communities under forest consultation and revenue sharing agreements.

If you harvest, purchase or sell timber from Crown land, you must ensure the timber volumes are reported.

The amount of stumpage you pay is based on the timber volumes, species and grades you report and the stumpage rates for your timber. If applicable, the bid you made for your timber licence will be calculated into your stumpage.

You can look up stumpage rates using the Harvest Billing System.

Any business or individual that holds an agreement to harvest, or that purchases or sells timber from Crown land in B.C. can be audited.

Billing Notices

Billing Notices are issued one day after invoices are sent and show details about the items on your invoices. Notices are mailed to your main location address.

Statements of Account

Statements of Account are issued on the 23rd of each month and mailed to your main location address.

All amounts owing are shown on your Statement and listed by the date on your original invoice. Statements show all your non-tax debts in one place, including those not related to stumpage, such as waste permits.

If your main location address has changed or you need to update your contact information, contact us.